Tuva is a hard-to-reach region of the Russian Federation, which is repeatedly included in the list of the most unpopular regions for tourism and is considered one of the most dangerous. Tuva is inhabited by small peoples of the far north, and the Tuvinians themselves are genetically ancestors of American Indians. The history of the territories of Tuva goes back thousands of years. 

The region has preserved completely original holidays, crafts, as well as unusual traditions and rituals. On the territory of the Tyva Republic, there are practically all types of relief, from dense taiga and mountains to desert steppes. Camels and yaks live there, there is also permafrost. 

Tuva is famous for its archeological monuments, the most famous of them is the Arjaan 2 mound, where they took out more than 20 kg of gold, made in the famous Scythian “animal style”, and built a museum for it. In Tuva, everyone will find something that suits him. 

The “Gold of Tuva” is not only in undiscovered burial mounds and museum treasure troves. The gold is all those constituent parts of a single cultural code, which magnetically attracts to return there again and again. It is the spirit of freedom of nomads, unique national ornaments, pristine nature and the way people interact with it, amazing musical instruments, and shamanic rituals — everything that those who have visited Tuva associate it with.